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Studio Classes

Interested in learning to fuse glass? Come join us, classes running weekly! You can either join a group class, or gather a few friends and/or family members and schedule your own class.

I hold classes in my studio in Northampton weekly, I offer them in the daytime, evening, and some weekends. Each student will come in and choose a ceramic mold in shapes that vary from square/rectangle/circle, etc in all different sizes. After they choose the mold, I cut a piece of clear glass to fit the mold shape, then the students can cut different pieces of colored glass to adhere to the clear piece. I then put the piece in the kiln and fire it to 1400F so it all becomes one piece. Then, I put it over the mold they chose in a different kiln firing around 1200F and it bends or slumps over the mold and becomes a beautiful pieces of glass art.

See below for descriptions of classes that I offer. All classes include all the tools, glass, instruction, kiln firings and everything needed for each student to make some unique pieces of glass!

Option 1

Full class, 2.5 hours, students can create 2-4 pieces in varying sizes, up to 12″ in diameter


Option 2

Half class 2 hours, students can create 1 large piece- salad bowl, fruit bowl, tray 12″ in diameter


Option 3

Half class 2 hours, students can create 1 medium piece, candy bowl, small bowl/tray, up to 8″


Option 4

Introductory class, 1.5 hours, students can create 2 – 4″ coasters or a 5″ bowl


Birthday Parties

Looking for a creative idea for a birthday party? Bring them to a class fusing class for a memorable experience! Ages 8 and up, starting at $25 a child! Different price ranges available depending on the projects. Projects can include, but not limited to: glass pendants, bowls, key-chains, refrigerator magnets, coasters and more. Sign up today! Minimum of 6 students, can take up to 12. I attached a picture of some of the pieces that can be created in a birthday party.

Miscellaneous Classes

I have also had classes for bachelorette parties, team building, boy or girl scout events, and artist in residence in schools. I am able to bring my tools, glass and supplies to schools and community centers for larger groups if needed. Contact me for more information.

Glass Class Gallery

Some photos of past classes!

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